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All bookreviews from the journal "Tidsskrift for Arbejdsliv" (Journal of Working Life Studies)

Women, work and pensions. International issues and prospects by Debra Street, Sara Arber og Jay Ginn review by Udsen, Sanne

The dynamics of full employment. social integration through transitional labour markets by Günther Schmid og Bernard Gazier review by Bredgaard, Thomas

Work, postmodernism and organization. A critical introduction by Philip Hancock og Melissa Tyler review by Scheuer, Steen

Labour markets, gender and institutional change. essays in honour of Günther Schmid by Hugh Mosley, Jacqueline O'Reilly og Klaus Schömann review by Mailand, Mikkel

The Europeanisation of Industrial Relations. by Wilhelm Eberwein, Jochen Tholen og Joachim Schuster review by Mailand, Mikkel

Work and Employment in the High Performance Workplace. by Jacques Belanger, Giles Anthony, Paul-Andre Lapointe og Gregor Murray review by Lind, Jens

Freedom of speech and employment. by Lucy Vickers review by Nielsen, Ruth

The legal protection of the pregnant worker in the European Community. sex equality, thoughts of social and economic policy and comparative leaps to the United States of America by Petra Foubert review by Nielsen, Henrik Karl

Persistence of unemployment. does competition between employed and unemployed job applicants matter? by Stefan Eriksson review by Stamhus, Jørgen

Researching the World of Work. and methods in studying industrial relations by K. Whitfield og G. Strauss review by Scheuer, Steen

Communities of Practice. Learning, Meaning, and Identity by Etienne Wenger review by Buch, Anders

Global Redefining of Working Life. A New Nordic Agenda for Competence and Participation? by Daniel Flemming, Pauli Kettunen, Henrik Søborg og Christer Törnquist review by Lind, Jens

Arbetet i människors liv. by Birgitta Eriksson review by Madsen, Allan

Women´s Health at Work. by Åsa Kilbom, Karen Messing og Carina Bildt Thorbjörnsson review by Nygaard, Else

Knowing in Firms. Understanding, managing and Measuring Knowledge by Georg von Krogh, Johan Roos og Dirk Kleine review by Langberg, Kamma

Leading with Knowledge. The Nature of Compitition in the 21th Century by Richard C. Huseman og Jon P. Goodman review by Langberg, Kamma

Women at work. Proceedings of an International Expert Meeting on Women at Work by Suvi Lehtinen, Helena Taskinen og Jorma Rantanen review by Nygaard, Else

Women's Employment in Europe. Trends and Prospects by Jill Rubery, Mark Smith og Colette Fagan review by Udsen, Sanne

Globalization and Labour Relations. by Peter Leisink review by Lind, Jens

Work, consumerism and the new poor. by Zygmunt Bauman review by Andersen, Pernille Tanggaard

Changing Industrial Relations in Europe. by Richard Hyman og Anthony Ferner review by Knudsen, Herman

Organizational Learning and the Learning Organization. Developments in theory and practice by Mark Easterby-Smith, John Burgoyne og Luis Araujo review by Bottrup, Pernille

Mobilizing Resources and Generating Competences. by Peter Karnøe, Peer Hull Kristensen og Poul Houman Andersen review by Lund, Reinhard

The End of Organization Theory?. by Øyvind Pålshaugen, Björn Gustavsen, Dag Østerberg og John Shotter review by Simonsen, Gorm

Praxis der Arbeit Probleme und Perspektiven der handwerksgeschichtlichen Forschung. by Reinhold Reich review by Andersen, Svend Aage

Authority and Control in Modern Industry. Theoretical and empirical perspectives by Paul L. Robertson review by Clausen, Christian

Flexibilisation of working life. Potentials and challenges for labour law. An International Analysis by Reinhold Fahlbeck review by Nielsen, Ruth

Tacit Knowledge in Organizations. by Philippe Baumard review by Kolmos, Anette

Social Partnership and Economic Performance. The Case of Europe by Bernard Casey og Michael Gold review by Stamhus, Jørgen

Sharing the Work, Sparing the Planet. Work time, Consumption and Ecology by Anders Hayden review by Elert, Carsten

Women in decision-making. Equality between women and men Report on existing research in the European Union by Joni Lovenduski og Susan Stephenson review by Lindskov, Malene Malue

Global Labour Flexibility. Seeking Distributive Justice by Guy Standing review by Knudsen, Herman

Welfare Regimes and the Experience of Unemployment in Europe. by Duncan Gallie og Serge Paugam review by Madsen, Per Kongshøj

Why Deregulate Labour Markets?. by Gösta Esping-Andersen og Marino Regini review by Mailand, Mikkel

Employment Revival in Europe. Labour Market Success in Austria, Denmark, Ireland and the Netherlands by Peter Auer review by Klitgaard, Michael

The Realities of Human Resource Management. Managing the Employment Relationship by Keith Sisson og John Storey review by Nielsen, Kjeld

Changing Times. Work and Leisure in Postindustrial Society by Jonathan Gershuny review by Lund, Reinhard

Regulating Workplace Safety. Systems and Sanctions by N. Gunningham og R. Johnstone review by Jensen, Per Langaa

Globalization and labor. by Horst Siebert review by Søborg, Henrik

The Management of International Enterprises. A Socio-political View by Monir H. Tayeb review by Knudsen, Herman

Mitbestimmung in Europa. Rechtliche und politische Regelungen by Armin Höland review by Nielsen, Ruth

Employment Relations and National Culture. Continuity and Change in the Age of Globalization by Ferrie Pot review by Knudsen, Fabienne

Working for McDonald's in Europe. The Unequal Struggle? by Tony Royle review by Beldam, Camilla

The Language of Change. The roles of methods in the work of management consultants by Andreas Werr review by Hagedorn-Rasmussen, Peter

The Oxford Book of Work. by Keith Thomas review by Burchardt, Jørgen

On the Front Line. Organization of Work in the Information Economy by Stephen J. Frenkel, Marek Korczynski, Karen A. Shire og May Tam review by Flemming, Daniel

Managing Knowledge. Critical Investigations of Work and Learning by Craig Prichard, Richard Hull, Mike Chumer og Hugh Willmoth review by Jørgensen, Christian Helms

Restructuring Gender Relations and Employment. The Decline of the Male Breadwinner by Rosemary Crompton review by Udsen, Sanne

From Tellers to Sellers. Changing Employment Relations in Banks by Marino Regini, Jim Katay og Martin Baethge review by Smistrup, Morten

Gender and Power in the Work Place. Analysing the Impact of Economic Change by Harriet Bradley review by Udsen, Sanne

European Labour Law. by Ruth Nielsen review by Nielsen, Henrik Karl

Working Classes. Global Realities by Leo Panitch og Collin Leys review by Lind, Jens

Post-fordism and skill. Theories and perceptions by Denise Thurfield review by Jørgensen, Christian Helms

Sociology and the Future of Work. Contemporary discources and debates by Paul Ransome review by Flemming, Daniel

Selling the Work Ethic. From Puritan Pulpit to Corporate PR by Sharon Beder review by Bjerring, Bodil

Labour Regulation in a Global Economy. by George Tsogas review by Madsen, Per Kongshøj

Cultivating Communities of Practice. A guide to Managing Knowledge by Etienne Wenger, Richard McDermott og Willilam M. Snyder review by Buch, Anders

National Labour Relations in Internationalized Markets. A comparative study of institutions, change, and performance by Franz Traxler, Sabine Blaschke og Bernhard Kittel review by Beldam, Camilla

The Economics of the Apprenticeship System. by Wendy Smits og Thorsten Stromback review by Sørensen, John Houman

The Civil Corporation. The New Economy of Corporate Citizenship by Simon Zadek, Debra Street og Sara Arber review by Hvid, Helge

Understanding European Trade Unionism. Between Market, Class x26; Society by Richard Hyman review by Scheuer, Steen

European Labour Relations. Vol 1. Common features by György Szell review by Knudsen, Herman

European Labour Relations. Vol 2. Selected country studies by György Szell review by Knudsen, Herman

Handbook of Industrial, Work and Organizational Psychology. by Neil Anderson, Deniz S. Ones, Handan Kepir Sinangil og Chockalingam Viswesvaran review by Graversen, Gert

Models of Employee Participation in a Changing Global Environment. Diversity and Interaction by Raymond Markey, Paul Gollan, Ann Hodgkinson, Alain Chouraqui og Ulke Veersma review by Knudsen, Herman

Personality Psychology in the Workplace. by Brent W. Roberts og Robert Hogan review by Agervold, Mogens

Global Money, Capital Restructuring And The Changing Patterns Of Labour. by Riccardo Bellofiori review by Flemming, Daniel

Tempered Radicals. How People Use Difference to Inspire Change at Work by Debra Meyerson review by Hagedorn-Rasmussen, Peter

Interaction in Multidisciplinary Teams. by William Housley review by Fuglsang, Lars

Ageing and the Transition to Retirement. A Comparative Analysis of European Welfare States by Tony Maltby, Bert de Vroom, Maria Luisa Mirabile og Einer Overbye review by Wégens, Jesper

New frontiers of democratic participation at work. by Michael Gold review by Nielsen, Kurt Aagaard

Women seafarers. Global employment pollicies and practices by P. Belcher, H. Sampson, M. Thomas, J. Veiga og M. Zhao review by Knudsen, Fabienne

Preventing and responding to violence at work. by Duncan Chappell og Kimberly Ann Rogers review by Høgh, Annie

Learning to be employable. New agendas on work, responsibility, and learning in a globalizing world by Christina Garsten og Kerstin Jacobsson review by Keller, Hanne Dauer

Global inequalities at work. Work's impact on the health of individuals, families, and societies by Jody Heymann review by Knudsen, Fabienne

Changing industrial relations x26 modernisation of labour law. liber amicorum in honour of professor Marco Biagi by Marco Biagi, Manfred Weiss og Roger Blanpain review by Nielsen, Ruth

Occupational stress in the service professions. by Anthony H. Winefield, Maureen F. Dollard og Helen R. Winefield review by Grinderslev, Edvin

The political economy of European employment. European integration and the transnationalization of the (un)employment question by Henk Overbeek review by Madsen, Mikkel Bo

No best way. An evolutionary perspective on human ressource management by Stephen M. Colarelli review by Langberg, Kamma

Preventing violence and harassment in the workplace. by Helge Hoel, Cary L. Cooper og Vittorio Di Martino review by Høgh, Annie

The Global Seafarer. Living and working conditions in a globalized industry by Tony Lane review by Knudsen, Fabienne

Turning to Europe. A new Swedish Industrial Relations Regime by Sofia Murhem review by Dahlqvist, Hans

Transitions from Education to Work in Europe. The Integration of Youth into EU Labour Markets by Markus Gangl og Walter Müller review by Abrahamson, Kenneth

Belastung und Beanspruchung von Lehrerinnen und Lehrern. by H.-G. Schönwälder, J. Berndt, F. Ströver og G. Tiesler review by Wiedemann, Finn

Varsågod och var stark. Om kvinnors liv, arbete och hälsa under 1900-talet by Annika Forssén og Gunilla Carlstedt review by Hansen, Lene

Critical reflection at work. Bridging individual and organisational learning by Marianne van Woerkom review by Høyrup, Steen

Making Good. How Young People Cope with Moral Dilemmas at Work by Wendy Fischman, Becca Solomon, Deborah Greenspan og Howard Gardner review by Simonsen, Birgitte

Gender Equality in European Contract Law. by Ruth Nielsen review by Nielsen, Henrik Karl

Teaching in the Knowledge Society. Education in the Age of Insecurity by Andy Hargreaves review by Wiedemann, Finn

Emotion Management in the Workplace. by Sharon Bolton review by Poder, Poul

Work-Life Balance in the 21st Century. by Diane Houston review by Grosen, Sidsel Lond

The Global Evolution of Industrial Relations. by Bruce E. Kaufman review by Flemming, Daniel

Good Work. When Excellence and Ethics Meet by Howard Gardner, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi og William Damon review by Rasmussen, Palle

Ethics And Organisational Politics Ethics And Organisational Politics Ethics And Organisational Politics. by Chris Provis review by Poder, Poul

The Changing Contours of German Industrial Relations. by Walter Müller-Jentsch og Hansjörg Weitbrecht review by Knudsen, Herman

Work and family handbook. Multi-disciplinary perspectives and approaches by Marcie Pitt-Catsouphes, Ellen Ernst Kossek og Stephen Sweet review by Grönlund, Anne

Thriving on an aging workforce. Strategies for organizational and systemic change by Paulette T. Beatty og Roemer M.S. Visser review by Wégens, Jesper

Contractualism in employment services. A new form of welfare state governance by Els Sol og Mies Westerveld review by Bredgaard, Thomas

Employment policy from different angles. by Thomas Bredgaard og Flemming Larsen review by Magnusson, Lars

The creation and destruction of social capital. Entrepreneurship, co-operative movements and institutions by Gunnar Lind Haase Svendsen og Gert Tinggaard Svendsen review by Rendtorff, Jacob Dahl

Flexible working and organisational change. The integration of work and personal life by Bram Peper, Anneke van Doorne-Huiskes og Laura den Dulk review by Fuglsang, Lars

Counterproductive work behavior. Investigations of actors and targets by Suzy Fox og Paul E. Spector review by Høgh, Annie

The politics of working life. by Paul Edwards og Judy Wajcman review by Tonboe, Jens

The European employment strategy labour market regulation and new governance. by Diamond Ashiaqbor review by Madsen, Per Kongshøj

Contemporary employment relations. A critical introduction by Steve Willliams og Derek Adam-Smith review by Mailand, Mikkel

Organizational knowledge. The texture of workplace learning by Sylvia Gherardi og Davide Nicolini review by Buch, Anders

Knowledge at work. Creative collaboration in the global economy by Robert Defillippi, Michael Arthur og Valerie Lindsay review by Buch, Anders

Worker representation and workplace health and safety. by David Walters og Theo Nichols review by Hasle, Peter

What women want from work. Gender and occupational choice in the 21st Century by Ruth Woodfield review by Larsen, Trine Pernille

Flexibility & stability in working life. by Bengt Furaker, Kristina Hakansson og Jan Karlsson review by Klindt, Mads Peter

Flexicurity and beyond. by Henning Jørgensen og Per Kongshøj Madsen review by Ibsen, Christian Lyhne

Working time around the world. Trends in working hours, laws, and policies in a global comparative perspective by Sangheon Lee, Deindre McCann og Jon C. Messenger review by Bonke, Jens

Reigniting the labor movement. Restoring means to ends in a democratic labor movement by Gerald Friedman review by Lind, Jens

Employment regimes and the quality of work. by Duncan Gallie review by Madsen, Per Kongshøj

The changing law of the employment relationship. Comparative analyses in the European context by Nicola Countouris review by Nielsen, Ruth

Neoliberalism as exception. Mutations in citizenship and sovereignty by Aihwa Ong review by Flemming, Daniel